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"If nobody wants to solve our problem, then they should behead her; we don’t want her"

I just read a horrifying New York Times story about a 18-year-old Afghan girl living in Northern Afghanistan who was abducted, raped and beaten by armed milita and possibly local police when she was 17. It was an rare and hopeful step for the family to take their daughter to the hospital and bring this crime to the governor's attention, but in a sickening twist, killing her to preserve the family is still their Plan B if they can't get justice:

 An examination also confirmed that her hymen had been broken. That can be tantamount to a death sentence in Afghanistan, where women are considered fit to marry only if they are proved to be virgins on their wedding night. Some who fail that test are killed by relatives to restore the family’s honor.

In interviews, both Lal Bibi’s mother and grandfather said they were thinking of killing her unless justice was done, although the fact that they had come forward suggested that they were hoping that the government will prosecute the men and redress the wrongs done to her and her family through the legal system.

“If nobody wants to solve our problem, then they should behead her; we don’t want her,” her mother said.

Even Lal Bibi, the young woman in question, says she'll commit suicide if her attackers aren't charged:

“If the people in government fail to bring these people to justice I am going to burn myself,” she said. “I don’t want to live with this stigma on my forehead. People will mock me if these men go unpunished, so I want every single one of them to be punished.”

Two men have been arrested, but the chief suspect disappeared after she was abducted. You can read the full story here.