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A Romance Novelists' Guide to Hymen Breaking

Over at Feministe, Caperton pens some much-needed words of advice for the folks writing about Lusty Pirates deflowering Innocent Maidens:

In the world of heteromance novels, though, the hymen’s usually the thing, and there’s pretty consistent boilerplate for the scene in which our innocent, sheltered protagonist loses hers: She feels an awful tearing deep inside or a pinching that wasn’t as bad as she expected, or he encounters an obstruction halfway in about which he’ll interrogate her after they’re done with the tender lovemaking. Or he gets to a certain point insider her and then has to stop and ask her if she’s okay and strokes her hair off her forehead until she assures him she really does want to do this, and then he busts through her maidenhead like the Kool-Aid Man, and she’s ouchy for a bit and then ends up coming rainbows by the time he’s finished.

You can read the whole post here, including its shout-out to Scarleteen and Hanne Blank.  While I'm sure that the smartie readers of this blog already know the hymen is right at the entrance to–and not midway down–the vagina, the whole gynastics/horseback riding/bicycle bar breakage thing is not all that accurate, either. If you want a refresher, check out my guest post at Adios Barbie, "Regenerating Hymens and Bloody Sheets: What’s Really Going On Down There?," for more fascinating hymenology.