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Behold a virginity crown you'll never want to give away

Future brides, take note: From The Hairpin's roundup of amazing estate jewelery, this wedding crown (despite being something you have to surrender to your new husband as a symbolic you-know-what) is really lovely and cooler than a veil:

"Bridal crowns are a Scandinavian tradition that reaches back to the Middle Ages; there’s one from Middelfart, Denmark, in the National Museum of Denmark that dates to around 1525. Symbols of purity and virginity, they were often passed down from generation to generation. The bride wears the crown during the wedding ceremony, after which the groom removes it from her head, signifying their union.

This crown, however, was made by the great Danish silversmith Georg Jensen for his friend Frederik Ferdinand Tillisch, who gave it as a gift to his wife in 1911. It’s an extremely rare Jensen item, made in silver, with five amber stones and five gilded leaves that hang loose from the piece. The design is an example of the Danish skønvirke style — pairing the natural motifs of Art Nouveau with the Arts and Crafts standard of using affordable materials to create exceptional, handcrafted work."

Off topic virgin-wise, sort of but maybe not really, is this ring which belonged to Jane Austen (!) and is also up for auction.