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Comment of the week: "Comparing ourselves to ‘more successful males’ is ridiculous."

Occasionally, we highlight a comment left on a blog post that we especially liked. This one's from Rob, who commented on "I Was A Middle-Aged Virgin"

"I was sexually inexperienced until late in life (over 35). For me it began with a women I was friends with for many years. I knew her for 7 years before we had sex. She has had many sexual partners before me. She actually doesn’t believe I am sexually inexperienced because she thought I was really really good at ‘it’. This is in no way me boasting, it just shows that sex is instinctive and natural, doesn’t have to be learned.

I never felt fulfilled by the sex with her (never told her that) but I realize I have been very sensitive all my life and intuitively know when things aren’t right or don’t work.

For me it’s really about love, the sexual act just follows naturally from there, nothing has to be learned. This society is so corrupt anyway when it comes to sex no wonder men and women get F***** up about it all. Comparing ourselves to ‘more successful males’ is ridiculous really. Life has taught me that you just can’t judge anyone on how ‘cool’ they are with women etc, it’s just a superficial surface thing."