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"You're not going to 'dry up' if you spend your 20s focusing getting a better idea of what you want out of life."

From time to time, we repost comments that we really love and want to share with all our readers. Long-time contributor MHiggo gave this response to Renee who wrote the V-Card Diaries “If you wait too long, you’ll be too tall to ride, and life’s tickets will run out”

I can empathize with much of this post. It's difficult when life is made to seem like one big party and you don't feel invited -- and it must be doubly so living in "Sin City." Virgins are seen as freaks, and it must take some doing to be considered a freak in Las Vegas.

Telling you to keep your chin up and believe in yourself would just sound hollow and patronizing, but I would ask why you are so convinced your lack of male companionship now means you'll always be so. A person's 20s tend to be among the most dramatic years of change, and I'd wager that anyone intelligent and capable enough to graduate from college at 18 has it within them to adapt and thrive among those changes.

That line about "the carnival doesn't stay in town forever" sounds an awful lot like the old Japanese saying comparing women and Christmas cake–after the 25th, no one wants either. It's just so, so wrong. You're not going to "dry up" if you spend your 20s focusing on being a better you and getting a better idea of what you want out of life instead of using it before you lose it. If anything, that time spent bettering yourself will make you more attractive to the kinds of people you want to attract. Like you said, life is what you make of it.