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Does saying you're a virgin help you get more online dates? Women in New Orleans seem to think so...

Check out this fascinating A More Perfect Union project by Luke Dubois. Using about 19 million dating profiles from 21 dating sites, Luke created a set of national maps showing the use of a single word in dating profiles across U.S. Congressional Districts. Using words like Lonely, Shy, Sexy and Bored, he plotted their frequency of use by members of the dating sites used in his census.

Naturally, the one that caught our eye was the one mapping the use of the word Virgin in dating profiles, (see above).

Red represents women. Blue represents men. Brighter colors mean more singles using that word in their dating profiles. So the brightest blue areas are where men used 'virgin' the most, and brightest red areas are where the women did.

Luke also told us that according to the stats behind that map, the word 'Virgin' is used:

– most by women in the Louisiana 2nd Congressional District (New Orleans) – most my men in the Texas 26th District (Denton / Northern Fort Worth) – least by women in California 16th (San Jose) – least by men in Georgia 8th (Macon) – the many dark areas on the map means that it's not used very much at all in a lot of places.

Adds Luke: "One thing to keep in mind about all this stuff, though, is that I made the piece as political art, not as a robust statistical research project. Relying on how people self-identify in online dating profiles might not give you the real picture of much of anything, though I maintain this stuff is interesting, regardless."

Luke is a composer, artist, and performer, and is the director of the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. You can see more of his work here.