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Ask Trixie: What should I study in college to do what you do?

I'm going to be a college freshman and I was really sure that I wanted to go into Secondary Special Education and English Literature, until I saw the trailer for your film "How to Lose Your Virginity." I've always been so interested in Women's Studies and interested in learning about sexuality, so this has sparked a huge level of doubt in what I want to do in my life.

If I did want to do what you all do at Trixie Films, what sort of degree would I need? Would it be Women's Studies or something in Psychology? And if I ever wanted to intern (if that offer still stands to your viewers in about 4-5 years) would there be a possibility for a job opportunity? And if not, what could I do to get one in your type of career?

Like you know, being 18 and pressured to make such extreme life changing decisions is extremely challenging and there are just so many things for which I have a passion. I'd just like to explore all of my options before I go diving into Special Education (because I've done exploring there and I know what to expect) and I just want to make sure I don't settle for second best in regards to the rest of my life. –J

Hi J -

Thanks for writing! I remember being fresh out of high school and thinking that whatever I decided in my first year of college would determine the rest of my life.

Except it didn't. My first trip through college I studied art and went on to become a graphic designer. It was only in my 30s that I got interested in film and went back to school part-time for a couple of years to study that. And then 5 years later, I got seriously interested in women's issues. And then a few years after that, in sexuality issues. It was a long process of curiosity and learning, and not a very straight road at all. And, by the way, I don't have any formal degrees in any of it. Just lots of work with other filmmakers (some of it as an intern), keeping up with the issues I care about, and watching and being inspired by other films.

As for exploring your own interests, there are lots of good women's studies programs and many now include sexuality studies. You can start by checking in with your own college's women's studies program and/or women's center. In fact, college is the perfect place to explore what you want to do with a course here and there before you commit.

Many of our interns at Trixie Films come out of a women's studies background, but not all. Some did English or Sociology programs, and our two most recent interns were Science majors. Whatever the background, they do share an interest in women's issues and are excellent communicators and thinkers. That's important because we count on our interns to write, research and give us feedback on everything we do here. Making the coffee is my job.

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