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Just the Tip: Virginity in the News

A roundup of the latest virginity happenings:

The movie The Sessions opens this week. It's the true story of disabled, 38-year-old writer (John Hawkes) and the sex therapist (Helen Hunt) he hires to help him experience his first intercourse. It was a huge hit at Sundance (as 'The Surrogate") and we can't wait to see it. Another similar true-life account here.


The Mail Online reports that "Psychologists discovered that those who have sex after they turn 20 are more likely to have happy relationships" Please repeat the phrase "correlation, not causation" ten times before diving into this dubious and confusing story. And enjoy the racy stock photos.


The CB-6000 Male Chastity Device is selling like crazy. This is apparently a thing. Might be because they come in Cammo? NSFW!

Replace that image with a very cute New Yorker cartoon, totally SFW.


The Virgin Mary was sighted in a New Jersey car wash by attendant Alex Leiva who reported flashing lights and a cloud of smoke, after which the outline of Mary carrying baby Jesus formed in the window of the car wash tunnel.

This also happened in a Georgia car wash a few years ago.

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