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"Right now, I'm having intercourse (beer)"

A few weeks ago I was at an event called "Women, Sex & Storytelling" which was sponsored by the Intercourse Brewing Company. This woman-owned enterprise says it's "affectionately named for the (read: ironically dry) town in Lancaster County Pennsylvania." Well, of course that's why! What were you thinking?

You have to admit, their marketing, like the coasters above, is pretty awesomely cheeky. Their different beers are also cheekily named for towns within 25 miles of Intercourse: Paradise Pale Ale, Bareville Pilsner and Blue Ball Porter. Seriously, you should check out their merch.

These towns are in the heart of Amish country, and by sheer coincidence, our motion graphics artist extraordinaire Yasmin Mistry was traveling through that region recently and sent us these great photos, below. It really is a short trip from Virginville to Blue Balls to Intercourse.