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A Precious Gift from us to you on Valentine's Day

FPGrab2 Roses are red, Violets are blue, We hate the silencing, shaming heteronormative sexual culture at large, But we love you!

Just for you, we've created a shiny and new way to share what you've done, haven't done, or may be doing at this very minute. Try it!

Thanks to our contributors, we've collected over 140 of your First Person stories, but until now they've been kind of buried within the pages of the blog. No longer! Now you can see and read your stories in a very cool and beautiful interactive format. You can search for them by theme (I'm waiting until marriage, My first time was great, I missed my chance, just to name a few...) Or you can search by keyword (try 'sex' and see all hell break loose). You can also search by most recent posts.

This project was created thanks to POV Hackathon, a PBS event where we built the prototype over a crazy caffeine-fueled weekend this January. You can see our project (with a little video) as well as seven others, also offshoots of their documentary films.

It's a beta prototype right now, so we want your feedback as we refine and add to it over the next months. You'll still be able to find the latest First Persons on the blog as usual–as well as in the new format. Please help us spread the word. The more submissions, the better.

Huge thanks to our team: Associate Producer Ellice Litwak, Web Developers Steve Melendez and Vanessa Joho, and a special shout-out to POV's Adnaan Wasey, the man who makes Hackathon happen.

PS: The site works best in Chrome