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Ask Trixie: How is auctioning virginity legal?

How was auctioning virginity legal, and what was used to auction it? There's many stories of women auctioning their virginity, through places like The Bunny Ranch, but what was the actual platform used to auction this off? Ebay? And how was this not illegal? I'm just really curious and can't seem to find the answer anywhere. –Jaime

Hi Jaime! Thanks for writing.

On the most basic level, when a man or woman auctions off their virginity, he or she is offering sex in exchange for money. So in places where prostitution is legal, like Nevada (where The Bunny Ranch, a brothel, represented Natalie Dylan), they aren't breaking any laws.

Now, we can get into a long discussion about what 'auctioning virginity' means, even what 'virginity' means, and why a guy would pay a lot of money to be the first person to put his penis into someone's vagina, for example. But that's another post. Sometimes women (and it's almost always women) do this kind of transaction to make some money, sometimes they say it's for college or to pay medical bills, but sometimes they are being exploited by others, and it's not always clear what the truth is. One of the first auctions I ever heard of was Rosie Reid in the UK, and although it was totally consensual, she was apparently quite traumatized by it.

Some auctioners have started with posts on EBay or Craig's List, but those get shut down pretty quickly, and the bidding takes place through a brothel, porn site or some other third party. That was the case with Natalie Dylan and The Bunny Ranch, which was also going to be where the sex would take place (that deal never actually happened, but many others have).

We have a lot of virginity auctions stories archived here if you want to learn more.

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