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Ask Trixie: My cherry popped. Am I still a virgin?

I'm a 16-year-old virgin and I was fingered by my boyfriend today. This wasn't our first time but this time my cherry popped. Am I still considered a virgin? Because his dick didn't penetrate me. Does this mean I'm partially a virgin? I'm kinda confused about this :s– Anonymous

Hi Anonymous - Thanks for writing!

It’s not surprising that you’re confused since there is no one definition of virginity. So we should first talk about what you think you did to maybe no longer be a virgin.

The first question is what do you mean by ‘my cherry popped.’ Does that mean you bled? If so, you should know that bleeding has no direct connection to whether or not you're a virgin. The bleeding can happen the first time something is inside your vagina, or the 50th. See what I mean about definitions being vague?

The real question is, why is it so important to know one way or another? Do you feel like someone will judge you for your virginity status? That's kind of bullshit on their part, so it really comes down to how you feel. Do you want to be a virgin? Then be one. Do you want to not be a virgin? Then don’t. The important thing is that you’re doing what you want with your body, you enjoy it, you're doing it safely, and you’re able to communicate with your boyfriend about it.

Sorry I don’t have a yes or no answer, but really, there isn’t one. So don’t worry about being confused. Make up your own rules and have fun.

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