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Meet Judy and Libby, our two newest bloggers

You'll be seeing a couple of new author names on this blog this spring and summer: Judy P. and Libby F., both currently interns here at Trixie Films.

They've been doing great work on "How to Lose Your Virginity" behind the scenes for the last several months. Now, Judy will be writing weekly posts on sex and being a real-life 20-something–and her first post will be about not having sex for 2 years. Libby has taken over as the new editor for V-Card Diaries (our most popular feature!), for both the blog and the new interactive version. We're really excited to have them here and hope you enjoy their work & leave lots of comments!


Libby F. is a recent graduate of Vassar College and a talented writer and researcher. She's done posts on being a virgin at Cosmo and the hymenology of Awkward. If you work in television, you should hire her!


Judy P. is an art history student at Brown University who is interested in the intersections of art, politics, race, class, and gender. She is proud to be a woman, though she thinks it's not always easy to be one. Check out her self-portrait (above).

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