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Viral Virginity Video Time: You'll never guess what everyone is searching for on Google!

A YouTube video that's currently going viral features an interesting take on the aging process and a ton of virginity references. The first shot of the video titled, "Life through Google's eyes," shows us what Google generates as suggestions to finish the search phrase, "I'm 10 and..." with the age in the search term increasing until 85.

The suggestion, "still a virgin," pops up with almost every age. As the video description so aptly put it: "This reflects the fears, inquiries, preoccupations, obsessions and fixations of the human being at a certain age and our evolution through life," with virginity of course being one of the top concerns from start to finish.

The project was completed using the "incognito tab" where there would be no user search history. If you try it out yourselves, you might get different results. What does your Google aging process look like? Personally, I'd really like to see a Time Lord or vampire try it out.