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Ask Me Anything about Virginity on Reddit this Wednesday!

Reddit IAmA This Wednesday at 3pm (eastern time), I'm going to be doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit! I'm so excited about talking virginity and answering all your questions, so please join in the conversation. This will be my first time [insert virginity pun here] on Reddit, so I'm a bit nervous. That's why I'd love all you all there with me.

We'll be live on the IAmA page at about 2:45 that day, and you can follow our Tweets here and here and our Facebook page for updates as well.

Ask me about:

- the myth, meaning and magic of our precious gift - making the film (we went from a Harvard abstinence group to a Barely Legal porn set) - our most fascinating V-Card Diaries stories, with 160 posted and counting - losing your virginity, keeping your virginity or rejecting the concept altogether - or ANYTHING!

Please join me this Wednesday at 3pm on Reddit, and forward/tweet/post/share with anyone you know who's interested in having a fun, eye-opening and informative conversation!

Contact me if you have any questions, and there's always info on our (finished!) film "How to Lose Your Virginity" here.

See you on Reddit!