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We found some real advice for you on getting awesome with women

We want to reprint every word of Chloe Angyal's essay on real advice for guys who want to meet women. But because we don't want to violate copyrights and good manners, we'll share this section about two topics that guys often raise in our V-Card Diaries stories and comments. Yes, she dishes out some tough love, but also very sound advice and a lot of reassurance that we're all sometimes awkward and shy around others.

“Stop saying the words “friend zone.” Stop believing in the existence of a “friend zone.” Stop acting as though being friends with women is some kind of hellish existence you wouldn’t have to endure if only you had game. That’s insulting as hell, and it sorts women into two categories: friends and people you fuck. You know what a girlfriend is? A really good friend who you also have sex with.

Stop saying the words “alpha male.” Stop believing in the existence of “alpha males.” This is not the Sahara or the tundra. You are not a lion or a stag. You are not competing with other men for the right to have sex with the best women. If you act like you are, neither men nor women are going to want to hang out with you.”

Please promise us you'll read it all and let us know what you think in the comments below...