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Can sex ever be totally meaningless?

Readers of this blog know I'm a huge fan of About:Sexuality's Cory Silverberg. A piece he just posted debunking 'college hookup culture' stories included this great bit at the end. It's sort of off topic, but very interesting to ponder.

For me the most insidious lie in the hookup culture narrative isn't about quantity of sex or sex partners or the kind of sex or anything behavioral at all. It's the notion that sex doesn't mean anything...embedded in the narrative is the idea that hookup sex is sex without love or commitment and that therefore it isn't meaningful....

This is a lie I can't tolerate. I've never spoken with anyone who had any kind of sex with someone that carried absolutely no meaning. They may start by calling it meaningless, but once you ask a few questions, and give them a chance to tell a sexual story that doesn't have to fit inside societies narrow frame, some meaning always emerges."

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