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V-Card Diaries: Kisa "I lost my virginity while watching Star Wars on a Saturday, and it was the most perfect moment to do it."

Today we’re highlighting Kisa on the East Coast who thought her first time was perfect, but doesn't think all her friends would understand why she didn't wait. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here.  

A little about myself:

My name is Kisa and I'm female and about to be a senior in the class of 2014!!! I live on the East Coast!!

How I define virginity:

I feel like there are several virginities you can lose and each one is its own separate thing. You can lose your oral sex virginity, your vaginal sex virginity, and anal, and much more. I think that each one is its own special thing and something to look forward to. But I also believe that people put too much value on virginity.

Here's my story:

I was scared at first. My earliest sexual experiences were not done willingly. I had been penetrated with a finger in my vagina by my rapist and I was scared of doing anything sexual at all. I had decided I was going to put off sex until the latest possible moment. Then I met my boyfriend, and I told him outright I never wanted to have sex with him. While this might put off many guys he said he was willing to wait and understood why, he still did ask but respected me when I said no. He waited and waited for me to be ready and finally one day I was! I initiated the act and enjoyed it fully even though it did hurt. I lost my virginity while watching Star Wars on a Saturday at his house, and it was the most perfect moment to do it. I regret nothing. I only wish there was not such a stigma regarding virgins, and virginities. I am a little sad, not because I lost it to him, but because it's something totally new to me and I don't want people to judge me for my actions. It was perfect for me, but I don't think all of my friends would understand why I did not wait longer.