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Comments on the UCSB murders and older virgins: Please add yours...

We just got this comment on the post A Shout-Out to Older Virgins from Some Older Virgin, referring to the horrible murders at UCSB this weekend. Many reasons have been floated for why Elliot Rodger did what he did, including the series of quotes I posted earlier dealing with the climate of toxic masculinity and misogyny, part of the MRA and PUA movements Rodgers was so interested in. Feel free to post your own thoughts on the events or on what Some Older Virgin wrote:

"As a 44 year old virgin, who has posted on here before but haven’t recently, I can’t get over that 22 year old UC Santa Barbara Student who rent on a rampage killing people and himself. He cited the fact he was a 22 year old virgin and who couldn’t get love and sex from women. A 22 year old virgin thinking that somehow at that age he not only should be at a certain level in terms of sexual/romantic level but that he would be so depressed about it that he decided to kill people and himself?

"I mean there are some people out there like myself, that have way way more to be depressed about but would never dream of then killing people and then myself. Ya I get plenty depressed and have thought about suicide before but I would never seriously think about going on some rampage. I hope that what happened in Santa Barbara doesn’t cause people to have even more preconceived stereotypes about virgins than society already has."