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V-Card Diaries: Shadow "His touches left my skin on fire and his kisses electrified me."

Today we're highlighting Shadow in Chicago. Despite her mother's opinions on virginity, which had left her feeling nervous for her first time, she was calm when the actual moment came. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here.  

A little about myself:

I'm a 16-year-old female. I currently live in a very small town south of Chicago.

How I define virginity:

Emotionally, I would define virginity as remaining a child; pure and untouched. Logically, I would define it as actual penetration. Anything oral or not penetrating does not count as losing your virginity in my book.

Here's my story:

I lost my virginity yesterday. Prior to this, I always thought I'd feel shattered after losing my virginity. My mother told me to always keep it until I was 18. So, I guess her constant reminding left me scared. But yesterday, as it happened, I welcomed this strange experience.

He's my boyfriend of not-too-long and I felt that he was the right person to lose it to. Even though he was also a virgin, he was careful and gentle. His touches left my skin on fire and his kisses electrified me. I was pretty self-conscious during it all, though. After the deed was done, we showered together and he stood under the pelting water and said, quite humorously, "Wow, you took my virginity. I am no longer pure!"

It was a huge deal before doing it and now that I've done it, it's not that monumental. Society makes us females out to be sex vixens and then tells us to be pure until marriage? There is no "right time" to do it. Only when you're sure is right enough.