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A final thought for the year...

20131117_212811We had nothing less than an amazing 2013, with the premiere of How To Lose Your Virginity in festivals and and on televisions all over the world, our theater-busting New York premiere at DOC NYC (Therese and Lisa are trying to kiss our poster, left). We're totally thrilled about what's coming up in 2014: Our US TV premiere in February on Fusion, attending the Filmmor Film Festival in Istanbul in March (Therese's favorite city), and speaking at Catalyst Con about Older Virginity. Get the whole exciting update here.

Earlier this year, we launched the new home of The V-Card Diaries, and have received over 250 of your stories of 'sexual debuts and deferrals.' We have so many in fact, that we're backlogged on posting them, so one of our resolutions is to catch up in the next couple of weeks!

One of our 2014 wish is to get schools to stop hiring people like Justin Lookadoo to lie to young people, and get more teens to call #lookadoo bullshit like his audience did. Yay! Mostly, we hope you'll help us continue the conversation about the experience of becoming sexual–and the radical act of speaking honestly about it.

We'll leave you with this wise quote from Abby Rose Dalto of Evil Slutopia as part of the #mysexpositivity series at Condom Monologues:

"You can be sex positive even if you’re not having sex at all, as long as you don’t judge others for their sexual choices or try to control their sexual choices. Our society is so obsessed with what everyone else is doing in bed. So to me, sex positivity is about acknowledging that we’re all different, we all like what we like, and that’s okay."

Our new film poster, just in time for our Nov. 17th DOC NYC premiere!

VirginityPoster.Small We're really excited to unveil the poster for the film! Just in time for our US premiere at DOC NYC on November 17th in Manhattan. It's especially exciting because not only is DOC NYC the largest documentary festival in the US, it's also our home town! If you're in the New York area, we'd love to see you there and say hi.

Our producer Lisa Esselstein and I will be there for a Q&A after the film, with others from the cast. The screening starts at 9:30 pm but don't let that phase you: The film is a short–and very entertaining–67 minutes, so you'll be home at a decent hour on a school night.

Get more info at the DOC NYC site and let us know how you like the poster in the comments below!