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V-Card Diaries: Astarte "I've literally been getting a degree in Sexuality but I don't think I'll ever have sex."

Today we're highlighting Astarte in Arizona. She feels she doesn't have the social skills to jump start a sexual life, and isn't sure if she even wants to bother trying. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. A little about myself:

I'm a 22-year-old woman, in Arizona. I still have my good old v-card by all standards.

How I define virginity:

Virginity is what you make it out to be, its not rooted in anything concretely physical and biological or permeate and eternal, but something that is socially constructed. It has the meaning and power people choose to give it.

Here's my story:

At this point in my life a part of me honestly feels that that I will never have sex and I really don't know if I even want to. It's weird because I never set out to "protect" my virginity or lose it the way a lot of my friends did. Frankly I had to many problems and worries in my life as a teen to ever care about sex ("that silly huffing and puffing! I don't have time for that, I have real problems!"). Ironically I have spent the past four years getting a degree in Sex and Sexuality as part of Gender and Women's Studies, I have literally been studying sex and sexuality in all its historical and social developments, expressions, abuses and joys, and it as left me suspecting that all this hoopla is for then a bit overblown.

Plus I'm at an age where most of my peers have experience with sex and flirting (if still rather badly) and there is this unspoken assumption that everyone has some idea of what they are doing at this life stage. I feel like I don't have any of the social skills needed to jump start a sexual life, I'm not sure if I really want to bother trying. I feel very ambivalent about the whole thing.