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Just the Tip: Virginity in the News

A roundup of the latest virginity stories in the media: The Harvard Crimson does a long story on the many various ways students think about virginity, theirs and the people they hope to have sex with at the next frat party. [Update: Lena Chen, quoted in the article, weighs in on the students' all-or-nothing definitions of virginity here.]

CNBC hosts are still obsessed with Tim Tebow's virginity.

A fan-made video for the song "To Die A Virgin" by The Divine Comedy is made up entirely of postage stamps, many naughty.

Sexuality & Culture, an academic journal, features a paper called "I Took His V-Card”: An Exploratory Analysis of College Student Stories Involving Male Virginity Loss" Based on interviews with 237 college students, the study looks at sexually inexperienced males having first-time sex with experienced females. The big themes: disclosing his virginity, emotions surrounding the experience, and issues related to gender role expectations.

Life Site News creates the most ludicrous anti-sex video every made in which a concerned woman talks about the dangers of 'contracepting' wherein the tiniest nuggets of fact are completely overwhelmed by assertions that using contraception causes spinsterhood and homosexuality. The anti-choice website calls this video 'A Great New Teaching Tool.'

Stories about virginity-auctioner Catarina Migliorini continue to clog our news feed, so we'll once again direct you to a post we wrote about her pimp here.

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