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Jamie Bufalino

Here's Lena Dunham's sweet (and very articulate) letter to sex advice columnist about being a virgin at 19

What I especially love about Lena Dunham's 2005 letter to Time Out's sex advice columnist Jamie Bufalino is how great her writing is. For example "Once you're 19, people seem to expect you've done it six ways to Sunday." I also love Jamie's straight-up non-senitmental response, including "All you have to do is proudly announce your status, and gauge a guy's screw-worthiness by how he reacts to the news." OK, one thing he could have added (aside from the fact that virginity is a social construct) was that she was in good company given that 1/3 of 19-year-olds consider themselves virgins. Too bad 19-year-old Lena didn't have The V-Card Diaries , where she would have found lots of kindred spirits. Click on the images below to read the originals

Lena Dunham virginity advice 1


Lena Dunham Virginity advice 2


Lena Dunham virginity advice 3