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V-Card Diaries: Elle "Someone who cared about my well-being was all I wanted for my first time."

Today we're highlighting Elle on the East Coast of the United States, whose first time taught her about the power of being open, honest, and talking things out. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. About me:

23. Female. East Coast born now living in the Midwest.

How I define virginity: 

When one's sex organ has not been breached or breaches another for the first time for sexual intercourse.

My story:

I met this guy while ice skating. After a few session and seeing him, my best friend and I befriended him and his friend. We hung out as a group quite a bit and he started showing interest in my best friend (we met him at the same time and nobody called dibs). One night while at his place we were all in the same bed watching a movie, with him in the middle, and ended up falling asleep. Half way through the night he was spooning me. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep after that fretting about how my friend would feel the next morning. It was never mentioned the next day or ever after that.

After that night he started showing me interest, and it had been a while since somebody had shown interested in me so I went for it. I started hanging out with him without my friend. I eventually started to stay to watch Generation Kill since we had a mutual love for the show. Those nights we ended up making out and groping one another. He knew I was a virgin. He was fine with waiting but that didn't stop him from telling me how much he wanted me so "badly."

It was about a month and a half of knowing him and a few weeks of random nights over when I told him I wanted to have sex. He was a bit shocked and kept asking if I was sure. He was gentle and kind about it. Making sure I wasn't in too much pain. It wasn't horrible, but it was an uncomfortable feeling.

Directly after the experience happened and still to this day, nearly two years later I don't regret it. I had thought about waiting till marriage since a I was child, because that is what I though people did. Then in my late teens it changed to waiting for the right person. I never thought I would lose my virginity to a guy I only knew for about two months, but there was a connection. Who is to say if he was or wasn't the "right person." I am just thankful for the way he treated me during sex and cared about my well-being. I believe that is all I wanted for my first time.

I view myself as somebody who is a bit awkward and unknowing in what to do in the situation of mutual attraction. The experience I had with this guy taught me a lot about myself and what I want out of a relationship, and that there is power in being open, honest and talking things out. I got comfortable being able to talk about my feelings and subjects that are tough to talk about.