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Moriah B-

Meet Alexa and Moriah, the newest members of Team Trixie Films!

You'll be seeing a couple of new author names on this blog this summer: Alexa and Moriah, our newest interns here at Trixie Films. They're both doing great work on "How to Lose Your Virginity" behind the scenes, and they'll be popping up on the website as well. It's really exciting to have them here and I hope you check out their posts and leave lots of comments!


Hi there! I'm Alexa. I attend Emory University in Atlanta where I double major in English and Philosophy. My passions include poetry, avant-garde film, and fighting for social justice. In my free time I like to build abstract sculptures of vaginas and listen to death metal. I am currently learning how to play the cello and (among other things) I want to be a poet. [Alexa did research for our story on The Misunderstood History of Incel]


I'm Moriah, and I'm a queer witch attending RISD for illustration. I like to cook, make patches, and play outdated video games. Common identifiers include: Twenty-something Titan. Reluctant southerner. Postcard enthusiast.

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