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V-Card Diaries: Too Busy to Worry "Because I have a poor body image, I seriously consider getting an escort."

Today we're highlighting Too Busy to Worry in Tampa, FL, who is looking for someone she'll be comfortable being naked around. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. A little about myself:

I am 27 years old, female, cis-gender, though I do lean towards being a tomboy and having very masculine traits. I live in Tampa, FL and have recently gone back to school by enrolling in the University of South Florida.

How I define virginity:

That a person hasn't had sex. That's a personal definition and I can't truly give a detailed definition of it.

Here's my story:

I am still a virgin for many reasons. I am no longer looking for Mr. Right but I would like to be with someone who I'm comfortable to be naked around. But that won't matter much because I have a poor body image so I seriously consider getting an escort. But then I think to myself, well, I could probably find a one-night stand just to get it over with, but then the body image thing pops up and the cycle starts again. Not to mention that I am so busy with school at the moment that losing my virginity is not high on my priority list. Not to mention that my friends don't bug me about it or when people do it just makes me dig my heals in more.

V-Card Diaries: Rosa "My kissing number's already up to 50. I'll stick to safe sexual fun."

 Today we're highlighting Rosa in New Jersey. For her, kissing is a safe way to have sexual fun until she finds Mr. Right. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. A little about myself:

19 years old, female, and I'm in New Jersey, United States.

How I define virginity?

My standard definition of virginity is the old fashioned PIV. But really, once there's been penis penetration of any of the '3 holes,' then I personally wouldn't consider myself to be a virgin anymore.

Here's my story:

I'm still a virgin at 19 years. And it's not because of social awkwardness or because I fear sex, but because I choose to be. But on the flip side, I'm not saving myself for marriage, and I'm fine with being sexual with guys just a little.

I love kissing. And being intimate with a boy, but WITHOUT taking my clothes off or the fondling/groping. I love stimulating and interacting with someone else, and just enjoying the fact that I'm touching another person, and not just using someone for an orgasm, but actually feeling all the different reactions they have over the hours... that's the best kind of intimacy to me.

The irony about my virginity is that I don't have any set rules for the # of guys I can kiss, cuddle, or have full on make-out sessions with. My kissing number's already up to 50, and I've had dozens of make-out sessions with half as many guys...

That's my whole point on why I feel it's safe. I still get to have A LOT of fun with all these different guys, but don't need to worry if I'll catch an STD (I got cold sores when I was little, so I'm not concerned about oral herpes, and I know fingering is pretty safe, but if they've cuts on their hands viruses can still transmitted, and that's not a risk I'm willing to take).

Another reason that I like keeping those boundaries is because if a boy were trying to/thinking of using me for sex, well, all he's going to get is some kissing, not my body.

Also, I do want to find Mr.Right someday. But in the meantime, I'll stick to safe sexual fun, so to me, being a virgin's actually pretty awesome xD.