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True Love Waits

Best eBay auction ever: Pre-owned Purity Ring for sale, proceeds go to Planned Parenthood

PurityRingEbay Someone brilliant* is selling their old purity ring on eBay, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles. It's part of eBay's Giving Works program, where you can designate your sale proceeds to a specific charity. Seems like a cool idea, and the actual item up for grabs is perfect.

The auctioner's copy says

This purity ring has a double-band and is etched with True Love Will Wait. It's gently used and looks like new. This isn't weird. Really. It's just that ... how should I say this? ... the ring is no longer needed. What do I have in common with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas? They don't wear their purity rings anymore, and neither do I. This ring will bring you good luck!

*Full disclosure: This auction is by one of my favorite feminism/sexuality rabble-rousers, and she acquired the ring not at her church's youth group, but for 'research purposes' only. I think it's genius and a great way for all of us to raise some cash for PPLA. Excuse me while I place a bid right now!

V-Card Diaries: Late Blooming Lesbian "My ring went from 'True Love Waits' to 'I'm an adult who can make adult decisions' "

Today we're highlighting Late Blooming Lesbian in Texas, who started dating late, but knows she is a lesbian through and through. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. A little about myself: 25, Female, Texas

How I define virginity?

Lack of penetrative sex

Here's my story:

I have had 3 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend. Weird, right, especially since my name clearly says LESBIAN? Ha ha. Well, I grew up in a fairly religious home and was "saving myself,"even had a ring from my dad that said "true love waits." I got it at 13 and lost my V-Card at 24.

I didn't date in high school. I was concerned with academics and socializing. I lived vicariously through friends experiences of sex and other things of that nature. It all just seemed complicated and messy. I had too many friends lose out on things like friends, a high school degree and even their home due to sex. I knew what it all was, as my mom had gone over it at appropriate stages and in terms I understood. I did however delve into the world of cyber sex. That was my outlet.

There I could be anything I wanted and do anything to any one. I discovered the best way to describe a blow job, how I would undress myself or them if I was there, and sex. I had watched porn and, in true nerd fashion, a 12 part documentary about sex. I was amazing... in writing. I wrote nightly erotic that would make anyone blush. I would then start to allow myself to watch porn simultaneously to chatting with these guys. They almost always picked girl on girl. I was totally ok with that cause that is what got me off. But my upbringing never encouraged sexiness. I wore very little make up and conducted myself as the jeans and a t-shirt gal who was so cool she was one of the guys.

After high school I dated a friend, T, for 2 months. We never got any further than him being my first kiss, yes, at 18. I went off to college and again I was too concerned with other things and the thought that some magical person would approach me , woo me and screw me. I didn't date anyone until E. When I really think about it, I have always been attracted to women but I was never brave enough to say anything other than ogle them from afar or in porn. E lucked out because even though I wasn't necessarily sexually attracted to him, he showed me that attention; crowning him the first to do so. I ate that up! I suddenly, for the first time, felt sexy. I saw myself in a whole new light. Albeit I never had "sex", I had had one drunken encounter with T, months before E, that almost led to it but I wasn't really into it. So I have him a handy and rolled over to sleep. A few months in to my relationship with E, I realized that my ring on my finger had changed meaning for me. It had gone from "true love waits" to "I'm an adult who can make adult decisions". So on to Planned Parenthood to get on the pill. Fast forward through drama and heart ache, I never needed it, now 22 and still a virgin. 2 years alone and some self discovery later I say to myself "I wanna go to a gay club and see what I can pull, cause F this, I wanna be happy!" Never went but I met my wonderful lovely amazing girlfriend.

Now those of you who are this far I'm sure are thinking, " didn't she say 3 boys and 1 girl..." Yes I did. I met my girlfriend at work and my kinda boyfriend there too. I was talking to her, R, and met her best friend BB. She and I hit it off and were inseparable from day one. Well, BB took an interest and I had confided in R that, while I was super into her, I hadn't been with anyone, at all. She then made a plan: I date them both, shared time and such, to see where I stood.

R took my V-Card. We were at her parents house. I met them as the friend. We went out drinking and got loose and comfy. We had only kissed and touched a little beforehand. But this was the big night. I was so excited because she turned me on in a way I never felt or knew possible. When we got back we changed and laid down, really casually. We started slowly and sweetly, just kissing, until she made a move and blew my mind. I was experiencing feelings and emotions I had never had. She "kissed her" as we like to call going down on one another. It was amazing! Who knew! I wasn't ready to give back like that but I was eager to touch and feel.

I knew where I wanted to be but BB was so into me and I kinda wanted to "make sure" I guess, or I just liked being the center of attention, no to mention sexual attention. It went on for about a month or so, and a three-some was brought up and attempted, but not until I broke it off with him. It was my birthday present to him, thoughtful friend, I know. As I had already had a form of sex, my girlfriend was a little nervous that I would like "the real thing" more. She purchased a strap-on. We used it and boy that was even more amazing. I found I am surely not quiet. BBs birthday rolled around and his present was given. I found myself grabbing, staring, and longing for R, not him. He finally "put it in" and nothing. Nothing! I was not excited or anything. I was as quiet as a mouse. He did his thing and I tried to enjoy it but when he was done I rolled over to R and proclaimed, I'm a lesbian, through and through.