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Meet Bree and Sally, our 2015 Trixie Films interns!

Bree and Sally just started their internships here at Trixie Films and they're already busy researching some juicy outreach and activism projects we've got cooking for "How to Lose Your Virginity". They'll also be running our Tumblr and (hopefully) contributing to this blog. I'm super excited to have them both at Trixie Films, so please help me give them a warm welcome.


Howdy, I'm Bree. Most nights after 12 I'm scribbling self-indulgent essays. My favorite fruit is grapefruit, and I delight in anything magical realism-related. 

Since I began reading The V-Card Diaries, Trixie Films has been my dream internship. As an endlessly quirky and queer womanist human *bean, I strive for greater understanding of people who are underrepresented and how to liberate them. Working at Trixie is a cartwheel in the right direction, and I cannot wait to see what the summer has in store!


Hi! I’m Sally and I am a passionate advocate for gender equality and social justice. During my free time, I volunteer and intern at an organization that helps domestic violence victims and their children. 

I am proud to be a feminist because feminism gives me a voice. It empowers me. It allows me to be who I want to be, without any justification or apologies. Feminism means different things to all of us and can be very personal, which is what makes it all the more beautiful. I can go on and on about why I need feminism, but I’d like for you to ask yourself, 'why do I need feminism?' #ineedfeminismbecause