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A holiday gift to you: EVE & MARY, an animated clip from How To Lose Your Virginity

Happy holidays, everyone!

In the spirit of the season, here's a newly-released animated clip from How To Lose Your Virginity about Eve, Mary and our favorite dichotomy, the Virgin and Whore.

The brilliant animation is by Luke Murphy, and the clip includes a voice-over by director Therese Shechter, and an interview with Sady Doyle. Click on the CC at the bottom-right of the video if you need captions.

You can watch or buy the entire film here

Virgin Mary Sighted in Pickup Truck

VirginMary in a Truck
VirginMary in a Truck

Our reports on global Virgin Mary sightings are few and far between these days, so when a new one shows up, we get excited. This video has the bonus of a recap of other famous sightings, a news anchor who really wants you to know he's a skeptic, and a lovely dog. Enjoy.

Just the Tip: Virginity in the News with Indonesian V-tests, Dr. Kinsey, Virgin Mary sightings, the King's Virgin mistress and talking sex ed and college sex regrets.

Here's a very quick roundup of news on virginity and sexuality: Kinsey Report on Female Sexuality

While spending a weekend at the Kinsey Institute getting all fan-girl over everything, I had the great fortune of going through lots of archival material, especially the shitstorm caused by the groundbreaking Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. It's been 60 years since details of Dr. Alfred Kinsey's landmark book caused all hell to break loose. Women masturbated? Women had affairs? Women

In the words of Reverend Billy Graham: "[Dr Kinsey] certainly could not have interviewed any of the millions of born-again Christian women in this country who put the highest price on virtue, decency and modesty." Happily, many clergy said "Kinsey's work would benefit humanity because knowledge of our sexual natures could only improve people's lives."

Learn more and check out some seriously awesome images here.


An Indonesian educator has suggested using his city budget to institute annual virginity tests for female students 16 to 19, describing it as "an accurate way to protect children from prostitution and free sex". He also said "This is for their own good," and "Every woman has the right to virginity … we expect students not to commit negative acts."

And if you think this makes no logical sense, you're right. And not just because there is no such thing as a virginity test as, we have now written 39 separate times. The good news is even the local Islamic Council thinks it's a stupid idea which was already rejected in Sumatra and West Java. So, progress, maybe?


Windshield image of Virgin Mary“It was a miracle,” Elida Mendoza, 59, said through a translator about seeing the mother of God on the windshield of her truck. She and others tried to wash the windshield, but couldn’t wipe the image of Mary away with mere cleaning products."

The Virgin Mary was sighted on a windshield in Mission, Texas (above), and a cross in Providence Rhode Island.


"There isn't one right time to start, and most sex educators will tell you that it's a lifelong process (because sexuality is just another part of life). The thing to realize is that if you have kids you're already teaching them about sexuality. So why not do it consciously?"

The wonderful Cory Silverberg in a group of columns about talking to your kids about sex education, porn and masturbation.


King Louis XIV mistress Maria Mancini & her 'virginity'"On what basis, I thought, do we continue to assume that [Louis XIV mistress] Marie remained a virgin until her wedding night? Was it possible that young women of her time knew how to convincingly fake it?"

"The project of assuring ‘evidence’ one’s virginity might have been a familiar one to many young women, whether or not they had previously had intercourse with a man. In seventeenth-century comedy, a familiar scene is a dialogue between a young bride-to-be and her governess, who advises her on how to act like a virgin on her wedding night."

From a very delightful and informative article called "On Faking Virginity"

Just the Tip: Virginity in the News

A roundup of the latest virginity happenings:

Andy Kopsa reports on a whole barrel-ful of wrong at Mississippi's "1st Annual Teen Pregnancy Prevention Summit" created by the staunchly abstinence-until-marriage-supporting Governor Phil Bryant. Aside from the goofy lettering that screams 'freshman bake sale,' Andy finds that "there are several things amiss here in my opinion.  First of course is the stretch-marked pregnant belly.  Perhaps suggesting to an overly body conscious teen girl to not get pregnant because she will become unattractive?  And, since we know that young women get pregnant on their own, there is no penis pictured here, nor is there a boy anywhere on the flyer." More of Andy's reporting on this here.

In other messed-up abstinence-lovin' Mississippi news, when a new sex ed bill prohibited actually teaching sex ed or talking about condoms, one crafty sex educator demonstrated how to put on 'a sock' instead.

From xojane: "I'm a 31-Year-Old Virgin Who's Never Been Kissed, and My Disability Isn't Holding Me Back, It's My Fear." "How could he fall in love with a girl in a wheelchair? How could he ever find me one ounce of attractive? How could he ever get past my disability -– past my wheelchair, past my deformed hands, feet and legs?"

Salon reports on a Psychology of Women Quarterly study that says “Slut-shaming” won’t go away" "New research reveals that 50 years after the introduction of the pill, sexual double standards are alive and well. ... Conley’s research suggested that, under the right circumstances—that is, when the experience promises to be safe and pleasant—women are just as likely as men to engage in casual sex. Her new paper adds stigma and the prospect of backlash to that equation, and finds they inhibit women’s choices." Tell us something we don't know.

A Kenyan media outlet headlines a story 'Boys losing virginity to nannies' which is actually a really disturbing story about sexual abuse by domestic workers on the children they care for.

The Virgin Mary was sighted on a log in Utah and a Malaysian Medical Center window.

And this virginity loss story from Grace Coddington's new memoir: "Tinker invited me to spend the weekend in his delightful little rose-covered cottage in Kent. ...When we arrived, he cooked a beautiful candlelit dinner for two, after which I was shown up to what I thought was the guest bedroom. I undressed, put on my nightie, pulled down the top sheet, and there, neatly laid out on the pillow like one of those little chocolate mints you find in boutique hotels nowadays, was a condom. "What is this?" I wondered. I really hadn't a clue. Moments later, to my surprise, I was joined by Tinker carrying a steaming cup of cocoa and looking adorable in his stripy cotton pajamas. But his air was not that of someone about to read me a bedtime story."  (OMG What a coincidence! It happened just like that for me as well!)

Just the Tip: Virginity in the News

A roundup of the latest virginity happenings:

The movie The Sessions opens this week. It's the true story of disabled, 38-year-old writer (John Hawkes) and the sex therapist (Helen Hunt) he hires to help him experience his first intercourse. It was a huge hit at Sundance (as 'The Surrogate") and we can't wait to see it. Another similar true-life account here.


The Mail Online reports that "Psychologists discovered that those who have sex after they turn 20 are more likely to have happy relationships" Please repeat the phrase "correlation, not causation" ten times before diving into this dubious and confusing story. And enjoy the racy stock photos.


The CB-6000 Male Chastity Device is selling like crazy. This is apparently a thing. Might be because they come in Cammo? NSFW!

Replace that image with a very cute New Yorker cartoon, totally SFW.


The Virgin Mary was sighted in a New Jersey car wash by attendant Alex Leiva who reported flashing lights and a cloud of smoke, after which the outline of Mary carrying baby Jesus formed in the window of the car wash tunnel.

This also happened in a Georgia car wash a few years ago.

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Want a Virgin Mary sighting in your coffee? There's an app for that.

It's just come to our attention that someone has developed an app that puts images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus or Bigfoot (?) into your photos.

As dedicated chroniclers of Virgin Mary sightings all over North America, we officially decry this debasement of the image of the Holy Mother, an apparition that has brought comfort and joy to millions. Also, it looks like the swirly thing Baristas put in your cappuccino foam. There's a slide show, but we couldn't get it to load.

Virgin Mary sighted in West New York tree

It's been a long dry spell since the Virgin Mary was sighted on a Spokane bicuspid, but we're pleased to report this newest sighting practically in our back yard. The Examiner reports:

The Virgin Mary's likeness was spotted in a tree at 60th Street and Bergenline Avenue in West New York, a New Jersey section of the New York metropolitan area. The Virgin appeared yesterday afternoon and has had a constant stream of visitors praying to her since that moment.

A local bus rider noticed a crowd around a tree when she returned home from work yesterday around 6pm. She was heard saying she, "thought perhaps someone died because she saw the flowers and people praying." As she approached, however, she saw the likeness and began to pray.

The slide show is here. There's even a link to a handy West New York map if you want to check it out for yourself!

Keyword Watch: 'Frigid Mormon Woman"

We generally assume that half our readers found us while they were searching for porn, but ended up getting schooled in feminist sexuality instead. So every Tuesday when our stats service sends us an update, we find out which top search keywords led surfers to us this week:

(Our favorites this week in order of popularity)

2. slut bride 4. comic virgin mary 7. fornicating skydivers video (second week in a row, and we've never written about them) 8. "Lucky to be single" 11. frigid mormon woman 15. knitted vulva pattern

Virgin Mary sighted on a Spokane bicuspid

These posts are few and far between but always worth the wait. According to The Spokesman Review, a Spokane Valley dentist named Dr. Michael Trantow spotted something shocking on a patient's bicuspid:

“I was so startled,” the Spokane Valley dentist said of what he witnessed earlier this month after removing a patient’s crown.

“I told everyone in the office to come in and look at this.”

“I think there might be something there because I’ve never seen it before,” he said. “You always trust your gut reaction in the first two seconds and it kinda looks like Mary.”
“I’m a scientist first, but I’m also a human and there are some things that cannot be explained,” said Trantow. “And this is one of them.”

The dentist told the paper that "the image was made by what was under the crown: glue remnants, an old filling, tooth enamel" The reporter thought it looked more like Katy Perry, but I'm going to go with Che.

Virgin Mary sighted on Texas wall

It's been a long time since our last sighting of the Holy Mother, but with Christmas just around the corner, a new vision is being reported. A group of Texans say they saw the Virgin Mary on the wall of their apartment complex. Described as 'glowing' and 'shining,' the apparition made an appearance two days in a row, more than long enough to snap the photo above. In the video, here, a boy named Miguel makes the positive ID, saying he knows what she looks like because he goes to church.Works for me.

Virgin Mary sighted in restaurant sink

It's been months since our last Virgin Mary sighting, so we're very pleased to bring you this latest apparition from Salinas, Oregon.
A plumber working on a restaurant renovation found the image in the bar-area sink today. It must be a very slow news day in Salinas because the Fox affiliate devoted over 3 minutes to the video segment. Most compelling: Two previous restaurants have failed in that location. Can the Holy Mother help this one to succeed? And is the anchorman going to hell for saying it looks more like Iron Man?

Virgin Mary sighted in breakfast pancake

It's been a while since we've run a Virgin Mary sighting, so in the midst of Stopping Stupak and protesting a New York defeat for Same Sex Marriage, a small breakfast miracle to help us through the day:

When a US woman began making pancakes for her family before the Thanksgiving holiday she was hoping they would be divine.

But Bianca Lopez got slightly more than she bargained for when she discovered what she claims is the face of the Virgin Mary imprinted on the savoury treat. And she says that the holy image encrusted in batter has brought her family peace and comfort.

Lopez, from Glendale, Arizona came across the 'Thanksgiving miracle' when she made her very last pancake from the batch.

'I think it's God's way of telling us that the holidays aren't just about presents,' she said. 'It's about more spending time with your family and friends and telling us to not forget about him, that he's always there watching over us and taking care of us.'

Lopez said she could not bring herself to eat the pancake, but is keeping it safe in her freezer.

Virgin Mary sighted on turkey

This just in: Malden High School Cooks Refuse To Cook Virgin Mary's Image

MALDEN, Mass. – Every Monday, Rossana D'Agostino does the same thing to prep for Malden High School's Thursday lunch: She goes into the freezer, slices open the plastic casings and thaws the turkeys. But this Monday was different.When D'Agostino sliced open the plastic, she saw an image of the Virgin Mary on the Thursday lunch special, making it a "holy turkey," she said.

"I have ten months of the school year, and I’ve never seen a turkey like that," she said.Once a few kitchen helpers took a look and affirmed that the image was indeed the Virgin Mary, they declared that they would not cook the frozen bird."Nobody will cook it," Cathy Strum, the food services secretary said. "The cook was very nervous about cooking it, and the slicer said, ‘I’m not slicing it either.’”With one more full day left of school and no turkey on the menu, D’Agostino’s "holy turkey" will go back into the freezer until September, Strum said.

Although Food Services has yet to show the turkey to the nearly 1,600 Malden High School students, pictures of it will hang at the cafeteria registers Thursday for the last lunch period of the school year."

Pimping virgins is fine,just don't mess with the Holy Mother

Several weeks ago we wrote about Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely's dubious documentary project. He's advertising for one man and one woman to auction off their certified virtue in exchange for $20,000 (AU) each. In return he gets to film the auction process, using a Nevada brothel as his intermediary.

Although he himself admits what he's asking from his subjects is prostitution, actually going through with the deflowering is not required. I don't know about you, but I think that little fact might put a damper on the bidding - and any interest in actually seeing the film. Not that I'm giving him advice on how to to be a good pimp/pornographer, I'm just saying...

Anyway, now he's getting death threats – death threats! – for the poster he's been using to recruit subjects. It's described as "a picture of the Virgin Mary with male genitalia on her forehead." We can't see any naughty bits ourselves, but it's interesting that this is what people are bent out of shape about. As we've seen before, little sexual exploitation is fine, but don't mess with Mary.

Future 'Virgin Mary Sightings' posts in peril

A decree from the Catholic church:

Catholics who claim they have seen the Virgin Mary will be forced to remain silent about the apparitions until a team of psychologists, theologians, priests and exorcists have fully investigated their claims under new Vatican guidelines aimed at stamping out false claims of miracles.

The Pope has instructed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly the Holy Office of the Inquisition, to draw up a new handbook to help bishops snuff out an explosion of bogus heavenly apparitions.

Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus sighted in a pretzel

Readers of this blog know I'm as big a fan of the Virgin Mary Sighting as the next woman, but this one is beyond even me.

An item billed as the "Virgin Mother Mary PRETZEL - Amazing **Miracle**" is up for auction on EBay. After 8 bids, it's up to $67.00. In this time of economic downturn, is the smartest fiscal move to spend almost 70 bucks on a pretzel? Then again, there's no reserve and shipping is free!

Here's the blurb:

There is no other way to describe this other than “A true miracle”. My wife and my 10 year old son were shopping at the grocery store and he asked if she would buy the pretzels in the white bag. The strange thing is these are not the brand pretzels we usually buy. Then later the following day, my 8 year son found this divine Pretzel in the bag of Gibble’s thin pretzels.

We are so impressed by the likeness of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus that we decided to list it here.

No Reserve!!! Free shipping!

Good luck and God Bless!

Virgin Mary Sighted on Barbecue

Breaking news from NewsWest9 in Odessa Texas:

A group of Odessa Catholics are calling it a sign from God. They said the image of the Virgin Mary has appeared on a Barbeque grill. They say prayer services are becoming a regular event every weekend.

Prayers, hymns, and rosaries are now a regular sight in south Odessa's Reliable Transport Auto Shop. They claim to see the image of the Virgin Mary on the lid of a grill.

Since the discovery earlier this month, the group has built a small shrine full of candles. Owners of the local shop said you can expect to see them back again this weekend.

The group plans to pray there again this Sunday. They tell us they believe, but say it's up to individuals to judge for themselves.