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The screening was an engaging event; the crowd was laughing and gasping throughout. Students loved hearing from an artist who understands the power of being an image-maker and uses that power to bring insight to significant social issues.
— Rhode Island School of Design

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Modeled on the standard coffee punch card, V-Cards are incredibly popular giveaways (see photo above!) Disrupt the virginity construct: Turn 'one magic moment ' into a lifetime process. In packages of 100 for your school or organization. 

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access almost 400 first-person stories from the Interactive v-card diaries project

The V-Card Diaries is a crowd-sourced interactive story-sharing site where everyone can anonymously access and share stories about becoming sexual. The site was inspired by the many first-person stories we received from people who have seen our documentary How To Lose Your Virginity or follow the blog.

Join us in telling a collective story about becoming sexual–and the radical act of speaking honestly about it. This project was on exhibit at The Kinsey Institute and has been used as ethnographic data in college Human Sexuality courses.

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You can watch and share clips from the film, outtakes we had no room for, and bonus interviews with sexuality experts. 


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A very open and intelligent film...approaches the difficult subject with warmth and humor. I recommend it for anyone who desires a serious, grown-up, critical overview of the issue of sex and virginity in contemporary America.
— Jack David Eller, Anthropology Review


Country: US
Language: English
Release Year: 2013
Length: 66 minutes

licenses available:

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Selected Screenings:

Yale University
Washington State Coalition
Against Domestic Violence
Hunter College
University of the South
Victims Assistance Services
Columbia University
Emory University
Southern Illinois University
Ohio University
Planned Parenthood
Penn State University
University of Saskatchewan
University of Texas at San Antonio
University of Wisconsin
Skidmore College
UNC Wilmington
Bowling Green State University
Northwestern University
Sacramento City College
CalState LA
University of Nebraska
Whitman College
Truman State University

recommended for:

High School
Events hosted by:
Sex Week
Freshman Orientation
Reproductive Justice Orgs
Feminist Organizations
Consent/Assault Prevention
Girls’ Empowerment Groups
Fraternity/Sorority Programs
Women’s Centers
LGBT Centers
Classes in:
Human Sexuality
Gender Studies
Public Health
Queer Studies
Mass Media & Popular Culture
American Studies


[Equivalent to PG]
Suitable for high school, college and adults.
We discuss sexuality using clinical words for our body parts. There are a few F-Bombs and one painting of a penis from a 1944 educational film.