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We've divided our amazing cast into experts and subjects, although some of our experts also share personal stories, and many of our subjects have a lot of expertise in their own right

Therese Shechter (filmmaker/narrator):

“I lost my virginity at 23 in this basement apartment. It’s now a flower shop called Bloom next to a salon called Shagg. I didn’t feel any different, and I can’t believe this was what all the fuss was about. A guy put his penis into my vagina and poof...I was no longer a virgin.”

Abiola Abrams (Author and Sex Educator)

”Men do expect that you’ve had some sex, but they don’t want to talk about it. They still want to have the illusion that you had kind of a semi-chaste past.”

Lena Chen (Sex and the Ivy, The Chicktionary)

”I guess there’s just a lot of assumptions involved when someone is writing about sex openly because, presumably, the only people willing to do that publicly are sexual deviants.”

Meghan Currie (Communications Director)

“What will virginity look like as a female for me? What will my next experience look like? How will it make me feel, and how will it affect the rest of my life?”

Sarah DiMuro (Comedian)

People are fascinated with someone who decides not to have sex, and they look for that thing that’s wrong with you. She’s not fat, she’s not’s never religious, it’s Mormon.”

Judy (Violinist and Composer)

”The way I live life is to be pure, and not only in a physical sense, but you know, mentally, emotion- ally, and spiritually as well.”

Brita & her boyfriend Daniel

Brita: ”I think of myself as a technical virgin. Because I haven’t had the penis-in-vagina sex but I’ve kind of done every- thing else.” Daniel: “I describe myself to my friends as a virgin, and they understand because they’re virgins as well.”

Erica McLean (Producer, Barely Legal)

”I’ve used girls that are like 23, 24, that look young. If they look young, then it’s ok, because it rep- resents the first time as long as we keep them, you know, really clean looking."

Ellen Westberg (Former Evangelical Christian)

“I really believe the only reason I got married so young was for sex.”